We sell a range of refillable, plastic-free home, health & beauty products, reducing consumption of single-use items and plastic packaging.

We sell dried food, loose teas and coffee (beans or freshly ground), shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a whole range of home cleaning liquids by weight, so that when you run out there is no need to throw your empty bottles and containers... simply give them a wash and we can refill them for you, right on your doorstep!

We can deliver to your house (check our delivery page for a full list of delivery areas), you can click and collect or you can find us at markets around Northamptonshire!


Don't know what quantities you want to order? Shielding or avoiding shops and markets? Prefer to see before you buy?

Book a visit from our refill van and we will come right to your house...

  • Refill your own containers outside your own home - if you decide to buy something extra then you can just pop back in and get an extra container!

  • No queuing

  • We follow a strict, hygienic Covid-safe protocol ensuring that your refill experience is safe for everybody

  • You can see what you buy before making your order - like having your own personal market outside your house

  • We have a weekly delivery route to keep our emissions as low as possible. You can check to see when we are in your area and we can deliver to you along our route.

  • We give you a time slot so that you don't need to wait in all day long

  • Refilling is just brilliant  Once you try it you won't go back and it opens your eyes to the enormous amount of plastic waste in supermarkets!

You could even team up with neighbours or friends and take turns to shop!

So How Does It Work?


Contact free payment!


Bring your own jars, bags and containers and weigh them on our scales.


Weigh your container again, once it has been filled as much as you want, and we will tell you how much it costs.


Fill each container with the exact weight or quantity that you need.

Coronavirus Update

We are still delivering. We have strict social distancing and hygiene protocols in place, to minimise any risk to you or us. We are regularly adding new products, so keep an eye on our website and social media for updates.

Refill Van in the Press and Media

We have been incredibly excited refillers over at Refill Van HQ! First of all we appeared in Northants Life, then we were in the Northampton Telegraph and THEN we were on BBC Radio Northampton - twice!

You can also read about us and other amazing mobile refill shops in Speciality Food Magazine.

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Meet the Team


Emma Mattacola

Growing up, my parents always recycled - I remember going to the bottle bank and loving hearing the smash of bottles as they dropped into the individually coloured bins. I was always conscious of waste, but I felt that by recycling I was 'doing my bit'.

When I gave birth to my daughter a friend recommended reusable cloth nappies. I did a little bit of research into them and loved the idea, as nearly 8 MILLION nappies are thrown away each day - just in the UK! We then began to use cloth wipes instead of disposable wipes and I found that we naturally began to implement more and more small changes - reusable kitchen roll, utilising old jars and bottles, avoiding buying things in plastic, refilling our washing up liquid and cleaning spray bottles instead of buying new ones...

Our Refill Van journey is incredibly exciting, as it continually forces us to confront the realities of wastefulness and encourages us to learn and grow.

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Tarn Bayes

My life changed dramatically about 4 years ago and through that change I started to be more in tune with the planet and what we as humans were doing to it. It was becoming painfully obvious that as an individual I needed to change how I was living.

In the beginning it seemed all too overwhelming, until I started to break it down. Just changing easy things, looking at how I shopped and seeing how I could cut down on waste and looking at where and how the items I was buying were produced and packaged. I started to buy things without packaging where I could and as fresh and natural as I could. Little by little I started to change for the better and embrace what I was doing.

Today I live a fully vegan lifestyle, which has improved my health immeasurably. Cutting out toxins that I put in and on my body has been such a healing process for me and in doing so I have found that these changes have reduced my carbon foot print naturally,

I don’t profess to be perfect at all but I am doing my bit for this beautiful world we live in.

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly.

We need millions of people doing it imperfectly."

Anne Marie Bonneau