PlasticPhobia Bamboo Toothbrush

PlasticPhobia Bamboo Toothbrush


These are a brilliant quick change if you are just starting out on your ‘sustainable lifestyle’ journey. The average person uses a staggering 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime! These medium-firm bristle natural toothbrushes are perfect for families - instead of using different colours, you can write your names on the handles to personalise them!


The handle is made from organic bamboo and the bristles are castor oil bristles, also known as nylon 11. We’ve seen these advertised as plastic free and nylon free. This is not true. It is still a nylon but it is derived from castor oil instead of petroleum. Therefore what is true, is it’s more eco friendly than your typical nylon. (The only compostable bristle currently on the market is made from pig hair and we didn't fancy those!)


Following dental guidelines for optimal hygiene and cleanliness, brushes should be changed once every two - three months.

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