Dish Brush with Replaceable Head (pink or grey)

Dish Brush with Replaceable Head (pink or grey)


Comes with a replaceable natural wood and bristle brush head, made from FSC ® beechwood. We also stock the replacement heads. The handle is recyclable, sturdy and long-lasting, made from silicone and stainless steel.


The compostable brush head is made with Natural Tampico fibre bristles, originating from the yellow leaf of the agave cactus, which grows in Northern Mexico. The bristles are hard-wearing, but become softer with use, making it ideal for washing plates, non-stick pans, cutlery… and everything else!


Allow to dry naturally between uses.


Plastic-free stainless steel and silicone handle, making it endlessly reusable 

Natural fibre bristles 

Biodegradable and compostable brush head 

Replacable brush head (Just pop the old one in the compost and reload with the refill head)


A tree planted with every purchase

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